Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend Hijinks

After this weekend, I have found out something new about myself: In Bloomsburg, PA, I am a GODDESS! *lol*

I'd gone back to Berwick to help BigMike do more cleaning at his Grandmother's house. (More on that later.) As my reward, BigMike took me (and his cousin and her friend) out to dinner in Bloomsburg. We had excellent food at a little Italian place called La Fontana located on one of the main streets. Afterward, we decide to go visit his cousin who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Now, this is where it started to go down hill. His cousin lives with her boyfriend in the outskirts of Bloomsburg. When we got there, another cousin and several friends of the couple were there. We'd had a bottle of raspberry stoli in the car, so we made stoli and sprite drinks and settled in. While relaxing outside with everyone on the porch, the proud father decided that the newcomers needed to do a shot to celebrate his daughter's birth. A 1958 bottle of Crown Royal gets broken out. I personally can't stand the stuff and tried to cry off. BigMike made this impossible. He started teasing me about being able to drink at Mardi Gras and the like but not being able to do a little shot. I'm sure there was much more, but it's a little cloudy now. If anyone has ever been the target of BigMike's teasing persuasion, you know that the only way to save face is to give in. I did the shot, then had to chug half my drink to get the taste out of my mouth!

So, while we're talking about shots, the host brings up that he has a bottle of Jagermeister. I get thinking... and ask what else he has. The bartender in me comes out, and soon we're all doing Jager-bombs and red-headed sluts (the shots, not the locals). Multiple shots each. (I've since learned from BigMike that women in Bloomsburg are the type just to be compliant and just go along with what the men want. Not me! He had two of the guys there ask him if I was single.) We start getting loud. The new Mommy had just put the baby to bed and was on her way to bed herself, so she didn't appreciate our boisterous mood. The command decision was made to move the fun to the bar!

I didn't pick the bar. Heck, I'd never been to Bloomsburg before that night. BigMike's young cousin (who's 23 years old) asked if we'd have a problem hanging out with a younger crowd. I just laughed and looked at BigMike. He just smiled, nodded, and said that we could outdrink the college kids. And we did.

We walked into this little dive bar in Bloomsburg. There's a few people in there, but it's by no means full. BigMike sidled up to the bar and ordered drinks - 8 or 9 - for the people with us, including a double shot of SoCo for himself and an Alabama Slammer for his cousin. The bartender came back with a total - $14. BigMike gave him a $20, and he started to bring back change. BigMike said that it's his tip, and his jaw hit the floor! We quickly became favorites with the staff.

I see a shuffleboard table and immediately head for it. We got a couple of teams together and start playing. I had an amazing night - 7 points with two pucks in the first round! My partner didn't play that well, but we still took two of the three games. I proceeded to be the social butterfly that I am and made many friends in the bar that night. I know I drank a lot because I could barely stand by the end of it.

BigMike later gave me a little background on the area where he grew up. He clued me in to why I got such a good response. Since the women there are so passive, anyone with any type of initiative or personality immediately stands out. It also doesn't help that they guys are like neanderthals that think they came grab a girl by the hair and drag her out, and that the women like that. I guess if I ever have self-confidence problems, I'm heading back up to Bloomsburg for a night out. I was their queen!

All in all, we got a lot of work done this weekend, but it's definitely left me wiped out. It will be an early night tonight, but I'm going to try to get a little bit of poker in before I crash. Wish me luck!


Blogger "MissT74" said...

OMG...I LIKE you. I think we should hang out and be new best friends. LMAO.....just found your blog tonight (for some unknown reason) I think we may be very similar.....what fun in Bloomsburg, I wanna go with next time!


9:23 PM  
Blogger StB said...

14 bucks for 8 drinks?!?!? One could drink like a king in a joint like that!

6:23 AM  
Blogger Easycure said...

Sounds like my kind of place....

6:42 AM  
Blogger Shelly said...


9:41 AM  
Blogger EvaCanHang said...

Tanya, we could definitely hang out! I think it would be fun, but Bloomsburg is the last resort. We could probably cause trouble just about anywhere...

And about the drink prices in Bloomsburg - I think that's one of the cheapest nights I've ever had drinking! We'd all rule the bars there.

8:46 AM  

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