Monday, June 20, 2005

What a weekend!

I've been a little delayed in the writing department lately. Poker department, too. Obligations with family and friends have taken all of my time lately. Because of these, I spent some time in the lesser known areas of PA this weekend. I grew up in a redneck town in New York... all I can say is: WOW. At least in NY we didn't have liquor stores that were also gun shops. (Stay out of that place on a Saturday night!) We'd gone to Berwick, the town of BigMike's origin, on Friday for a funeral so of course we didn't bring a camera. I guess I'll have to make sure I always have it around in the future.

Berwick was an experience. I'd only been there once before, during the winter. Now that the weather was nice, I got to experience a whole new side. I knew things were going to be interesting as soon as we parked across the street from our destination. There were two women on their front porch who actually got out of their seats and leaned over the railing to stare at us as we got out. These women had 5 teeth between the two of them and were gawking at the fancy car (my 2 yr old pathfinder). Ok, not quite THAT bad... it was Al they were staring at, not the car. The rest is true. *LOL*

While keeping Mike sane in the land of mouth-breathers, we went to a place called Bandit's Roadhouse. I wished I had Scott's cowboy hat that night... something else I didn't think to bring. We went for food and beer - food was good and beer was cheap. The crowd was where it got funny. I saw hairstyles in that place that went out 15 years ago. Mullets and 80's tease-jobs that never went out of style here. I managed to behave myself, even when one of the other girls dared me to try to get a second cowboy hat for my budding collection. I coerced a drunken Al to play some pool with me instead. We beat the reigning table champions and held our title until closing.

After 2 nights of sleeping on a rock-hard bed and drinking all day (we drank to stay sane), we get up and head to Lancaster to meet Al's family for Father's Day. We drove back routes from Berwick to Lancaster. I wish I could remember all of the crazy stuff we saw on the drive, but there was too much and I was too beat up. Maybe Al will remember and write it up.

Al's family is staying in a campground next to a kid's amusement park called Dutch Wonderland for the next couple of days so the kids can go to the park. Our niece and nephew are great kids, but they have tons of energy and I didn't have any at that point. We had a nice dinner and a couple of hours around a campfire with the family. We drove an hour home and I crashed.

I plan on going home tonight and playing a couple hours of solid poker. I also hope to have a decent post for tomorrow. I just need a little sleep and a little poker to make the world right again. Maybe a vacation day, to recover from my "time off"...


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