Wednesday, July 20, 2005

All work and no play...

Things at work have been busy lately. Normally, I have time to update my blog during work, but there really hasn't been much of that lately. Right now, I should be finishing up my hardware chart for disaster recovery, but my heart just isn't in it. I need a break from looking at server specs for a little bit.

I've actually gotten to play some poker over the last two nights. After doing some yard work on Monday, I muscled Al off of the computer (actually, I snuck on before he got to it) and played a little NL. I was doing well initially, doubling up when I flopped an open-ended straight and caught someone trying to slow-play top 2 pair. After that, I just bled it away. I'd get some small pocket pairs, but couldn't play them after the flop. Big slick missed every flop, and I hate chasing. Depending on the bet I might stay in, but my opponents were all betting big and I had to fold. I did get to have a great talk with Iggy later in the night about pot odds and how to adjust when playing NL and limit, especially at the lower limits. For an english major, the midget has some brains! Iggy > Eva :-)

We played in the freeroll last night at the Boathouse, too. I started off well, knocking someone out early with pocket Qs. After a pre-flop raise, I had one caller. The flop came KQT, and he made a decent bet - I just called, since I had a feeling he either had the straight or on an open-ended draw. When a T came on the turn, he went all-in and I called. I was right - he had AJ, but it was no match for my boat. He had no way to beat me and was out. I made a couple more good plays, but then the cards went cold.

I'm proud to say that I made one of the better players lay down a straight on my bluff. I had AKo, and it missed the flop in typical fashion. Two clubs on the board. He checked, I made a bet 3xBB. He just called. Turn comes out with a third club - he checks, I bet big. He folded up - the turn gave him a straight, but he was worried about the flush. When I bet, he "knew" I had it so he folded. I mucked face down and let him wonder. It was killing him, I could tell. He asked me about it again over an hour later at the final table. Maybe I shouldn't have let him stew so long over it, because the was the one who took me out. I was short stacked and not catching much. He'd been building up and was one of the chip leaders. I got pocket 9s and went all in. He called with AQo and flopped a queen. Nothing I could do and went out in 5th. I felt good playing last night though. I'd gotten a couple of key hands to hold up, and I made a couple of good bluffs. Usually, the players are so drunk they don't understand a bluff - I got lucky with the table I was on last night.

No more poker planned for this week, but that doesn't mean I won't play a little here and there. I'm looking forward to Al cooking tonight. Yes, Al cooks. Actually, he's a very good cook. Very messy cook, but very good cook. He's one of those people whose cooking style is to use every dish, pot and utensil available. That won't be so bad when we have a dishwasher, but right now it's a little rough. I just make sure to follow 3 steps behind him and wash anything he puts down.

Al is making his (actually Emeril's) mushroom cream sauce for pasta. He'd had it at Emeril's a few years ago in New Orleans, and found the recipe when he got back home. Al's made it for me a few times, and it's some of the best stuff I've ever had. It's not the healthiest dinner since the sauce is comprised of butter, heavy cream, chicken stock and mushrooms, but I think it's been over a year since the last time he's made it. We're getting some fresh pasta (I like it with the spinach fettucine) and homemade strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream compliments of Mom. I'll be able to see my waistline expanding as I eat. I definitely know why I have weight problems...

Well, now that I'm thinking about all the great food I'll be eating for dinner, I'm going to go down to the cafeteria and grab a measly little salad for lunch. I'll probably end up getting a sandwich instead, since a salad by itself just isn't a meal. Then, back to the grind of server specs and O/S upgrades. Wahoo! What an exciting life I lead.


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