Monday, July 25, 2005

Cards and the AntiChrist

Busy weekend. Enjoyable but busy.

Played cards on Friday night. There were 7 of us playing, including Mom, Danielle, and Big Mike. We played and drank for several hours. We killed a case of 16 oz. beers between three of us, and I had Mom slightly tipsy on banana rum (brought back from St. Martin) and cranberry/pomegranite juice - awesome combination!

There were times I was laughing so hard I couldn't even see my cards! Here are some of the highlights:

- getting quad 9s in Crazy Pineapple. I was the one who called the game, too. I'm sure people thought it was rigged. 99T in my hand, 9 on the flop (discarded the T, obviously) then a 9 on the turn. So pretty!

- Mom getting 7 of a kind (5s) in Queens and What Follows (Follow the Bitch to some people, stud variation). Queens are always wild, and any queens dealt up make the next card to follow wild. She had a Q7 down, then a 5. A queen came up for her, making 7s wild. Getting a 7, another 5, then a another 7 down finished things off. She was laughing so hard, everyone knew what she had. (She was down a little, so we continued calling to help build up her stack again.) Since she could only use 5 cards, she used the 5 wilds for 5 of a kind, aces.

- $100+ pot for 4 of us playing Between the Sheets (a game like Acey-Deucey - you're dealt two cards and bet that the third card is in between). I know that doesn't sound all that big, but you have to keep in mind that we all bought in for $20, using $.10, $.25, and $1 chips. Everyone starts out by putting $1 (or whatever the dealer decides) into the pot to start off. When you win a bet, you take money out of the pot, and vice versa. We have a rule that if you hit the post (third card matches one of the first two), you pay double of what you bet. It happens a lot at our house. I actually saved BigMike from paying twice the huge pot. An ace for the first card, and he called it high (on my advice). A second ace came, which is always high. He glared at me, since having ace low/ace high is the best hand you can have. He could've taken the huge pot there and made quite a bit. He ended up thanking me when he flipped the third card and found another ace! He hit his one-outer... and not in a good way.

- Teaching new people all the crazy games we play. We'd say the names, and they'd look at us like we'd grown a second head. Of course, we only hang out with cool people and they picked up the games quickly.

- Only one hand of hold'em was played!

We also had a little scare when my sister called. A friend of hers had called to let her know that there had been some terrorist attacks in Egypt, near Cairo. Normally this wouldn't be a scare to the family, except that my Dad is over there working on a military installation until the middle of next month. Mom called his hotel at 4:30 AM their time, and my Dad hadn't heard a thing! I checked out the story on CNN and found that he was far enough away to be out of danger. Plus, my Dad sleeps like the dead. It could've happened next door and he probably wouldn't have heard it.

Saturday, Mom and I drove up to my sister Dee's house in Northern NJ. She lives in Lodi, up near the George Washington Bridge. It's crazy trying to drive over there. I had to fix up a computer for her, and we picked up my 6 year old nephew Tyler. He's a great kid, but he's very busy. Never sits still. EVER. He's a smart kid. (I think his vocabulary rivals G-Rob's. Ty could definitely out-argue him.) Al thought it was funny to teach Tyler to say "I am the AntiChrist" when he was a year and a half old. Ty liked to tell people that at the Catholic church where my parents attend mass and my Mom works. Score one for Al on the "going-to-hell" meter.

It's very hard to keep Ty occupied for long. We're doing our best though. He sat down with me last night when I was playing hold'em on Full Tilt Poker. I told him I'd teach him to play if he wanted to learn. Since he and my Mom are here until Thursday or Friday, I'm going to try to get a few lessons in. Maybe in a few years, we can have a junior tournament with BadBlood's kids. I'm sure Lil'Otis, Lil'Drizz and a few others will be ready to play by that point, too.

BG - want to start running the lines on who will win that one?


Blogger Joanne1111 said...

I think mine may be too old to play a jr. tourney in a few years :(

11:08 AM  
Blogger Drizztdj said...

Little Drizz has progressed past eating the cards now.

Next up - not misusing cards as toilet paper

12:21 PM  
Blogger mscmike said...

I love playing dealer calls the game... hold'em has pretty much wiped out most of those types of games tho. Everybody knows how to play hold'em, and they don't necessarily know how to play all the other games....

Saw you at a table on FTP this afternoon, nice to meet ya!

1:30 PM  
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