Friday, July 22, 2005

Home Game Tonight?

I think tonight will be a good night for some cards at our house. When Mom's in town, we usually have friends over and play a couple hours of cards. I'd say we played poker, but that's not 100% accurate. We play games with wild cards (queens & what follows, low in the hole, etc) along with games that have nothing to do with poker (fuck your buddy - awesome game to play drunk, not much thinking involved). Heck, even playing hold'em and omaha, you can't call what we do playing poker.

We're taking a road trip tomorrow to my sister's house near NYC. If we weren't picking up my 6 year old nephew at my sister's house, I'd try to hook up with Derek, Joaquin, and a few of the others to play some cards or hit one of the livlier spots in town. I don't get to see my nephew often, so I'm looking forward to it. Having my hyperactive nephew for a week should make sure Al never wants to have kids....

Al's friends from Minnesota are also arriving tonight. His friend Brad always comes home for his birthday, bringing his wife Debbie. They'll be here for the next week or so, so there will be lots of drinking and not much time for poker.

Here's hoping everyone has a good weekend!


Blogger StB said...

Who is going to keep me company at the low limit Razz table???

11:54 AM  
Blogger EvaCanHang said...

Maybe I'll just stop by for some low limit Razz...

That was fun! I wasn't getting anywhere on the table, but you were kicking ass! Maybe Felicia should be encouraging you, not me... lol

12:45 PM  

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