Monday, July 11, 2005

Please forgive the impromptu hiatus....

I rarely post on the weekends. I usually have something going on, and there's always time to write it up at work. Not really, but I'd rather take a break from work to write. :-) During the last couple of days, I just couldn't write though. I'm not a girlie-girl in most situations, but this month was rough to be female if you know what I mean. (I could spell it out, but I'd hate to lose most of my male readers talking about my period.) Needless to say, I was extremely grumpy and I figured that an incoherent, pissed off post could wait until I was actually pissed off at something specific and not the world in general. So here I am on Wednesday, with plenty of chocolate and Alleve, finally ready to write.

This weekend went well. We had our friend Becky's graduation party on Saturday. She'd just gotten her MBA, something that she's been working on the last several years while working full time. She rented the downstairs and back deck of the Boathouse, so we all headed over there mid-afternoon to sit in the sun. It was a mellow party, but the shots flowed and a good time was had by all.

Later in the evening, I start talking to a long-time friend Patrick who'd just had a birthday 2 days before. Patrick was a co-worker who helped me through some problems I had at work and became my personal trainer for a while. He was planning a trip into Philly for a little bar-hopping and dancing with another friend. I love to dance, even though I know I'm not the best at it. I entrusted Al to the care of Landow for a ride home, and off we go!

Patrick and I pick up David, a semi-pro soccer player who had tried out for Chelsea (and others, I'm sure) when he lived over in Europe. After another quick drink at David's house, we head into Philly.

I don't remember the name of the first place we went to. (I'd had many several drinks by this time, since Patrick had driven into the city.) It was hip, with dance floors on two different levels and a funky martini/olive motif. We danced and drank for a couple of hours. I didn't think it was fair to have Patrick drive after his own celebration, so I became the responsible one and started sobering up for the drive home.

When the bar closed at 2 AM, we headed to another place right down the street called the Mansion House. There was a bit of a waiting line at the door, but David and Patrick knew the owner. We walked to the head of the line, the guys made their greetings, and we were escorted in directly. Sweet!

This bar is actually an old house on a corner. It's an amazing place, with the staircase looping in the center with rooms jutting off at staggered levels. It looks like they kept all of the original wood railings, window sills, and moulding. (I forgot to look up to see if it still had a tin ceiling.) I immediately fell in love with the place, but we'd arrived too late to find a place to sit. Patrick and David had another drink and mingled with friends. We finally decided it was time to go. Luckily, it was a quiet drive back. I think I finally got home around 4:30 AM or so.

I tried playing poker on Sunday, but I was getting my butt kicked online. I did play Razz with Derek for a little bit, and I made a couple of dollars there. I've been getting slammed in hold'em. Always second best hands. Big slick, big raise pre-flop, flop top two pair, much raising until the river. No straight or flush draw. I lost - to a flopped set of 4s. Something I couldn't predict. I'd seen the same person play a similar style when they had top pair mid kicker. I just didn't believe it.

Boathouse had their Tuesday freeroll last night. I had the idiot-savant seated at my first table. He was so bad, he not only didn't know how to deal hold'em, he didn't know how to shuffle! He also caught cards like a world's champion. Runner, runner cards for a flush with 4 diamonds on the board. He beat pocket Js with A4o, when he caught an A on the river. Calling any bet or raising. Silly stuff. I went out with pocket Qs when the board came up J high. I went all-in after the flop, and ran up against slow-played pocket As. The deck will need to starting hitting me incessantly if I'm ever going to win that tourney.

We're heading to Atlantic City on Friday and staying for the weekend. If anyone is going to be in the area, let us know. Maybe we'll see you down there!


Blogger Shelly said...

Have fun in AC! I soooo miss living nearby there. I spent 4 years near Voorhees, NJ.

9:33 PM  
Blogger noodle_arms said...

Hey. Is this EvaCanHang.. as in AlCan'tHang's better half? I've been reading all these blogs for a while now and I'm getting confused.

Anyway, I'll be down in AC on Saturday.. coming home on Sunday.. and then back down Monday and Tuesday for vacation days..

Looking forward to playing some poker.. maybe I'll see you down there.. feel free to email me adb_13 at

If not, have a great time!

11:33 AM  

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