Friday, August 26, 2005

hung over again

not using caps today. hurt the eyes too much. why do I do let myself drink like that on a thursday? this isn't the first time, and it probably won't be the last. what starts out as, "we'll just grab dinner and a few beers" turns into "damn, i'm not done with my beer and it's only 2:30, so why are they kicking us out?" bad, bad, bad...

of course, i got to work and was immediately paged about a server i updated yesterday. dumb-ass sna wasn't working properly, so i had to troubleshoot before i could do anything else - like eat a greasy egg sandwich from the cafeteria and pop a couple of excedrin. once i did that, things got better.

i started doing a little reading before i got the energy to write, and iggy's post hit way too close to home. the first part of the post talks about why some people fail at poker, or at least fail to improve. it sounded way too familiar. i think that a big part of my problems is that i'm too impatient to do my studying and too complacent to try hard enough to get better. when i find flaws, i try to correct them but i don't think i'm trying hard enough to find them.

another part of my problem is the studying too. the area where i went to school was a bunch of mouth-breathing rednecks for the most part. i had a big advantage over the rest of the kids in the intelligence department. i never really had to study much, so it doesn't come naturally to me. plus, the classes that i always did the best in were the interactive, hands-on ones. i learn better by doing than by reading and memorizing. its just the way my mind works. very bad when you don't have someone to sit and talk poker theory with. i really wanted to join doubleas, maigrey and april when they were having their discussions at bradoween, but i was in the completely wrong mindset for it. by dealing out hands and discussing how to play it, i can relate to it and pick it up much easier. just not while drinking long island iced teas.

at least i can be honest enough with myself to admit these things. i know what i have to change. now, i just to get off my ass and do it. ...add procrastinator to my list of flaws too.

update - never try to take on general tso in this condition. he's kicking my butt right now. maybe the colonel would've been an easier opponent. lol


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