Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I googled

Maigrey and Gracie made me do it. They'd gone through and searched for their name on Google with "is" and "wants", and the results are hilarious! Here's what I found for mine:

"Evie is"
* Evie is doing great, she's gaining weight like a sumo wrestler on a McDonald's binge
* Evie is living a life of deceit, thievery, drug dealing, and bisexual immorality along with drug and alcohol use.
* EVIE is given annually to non-profit executives who demonstrate outstanding support of their organization’s volunteer program
* Evie is a bit too perfect to be true (she's clever, funny, sensitive, poetic, independent, and superbly competent with farm animals and machinery)
* Evie is a Golden Guernsey
* Evie is a great competitor in our dog world,
* Evie is really fussy and has been drooling up a storm
* Evie is a wet dishrag who needs wringing out.
* Evie is a fantastic megalomaniac with an acid tongue and no conscience.
* Evie is an elegant looking mare, with a great head and nice legs and feather.
* Because Evie is half alien, she was able to freeze time by touching her two index fingers together

"Evie wants"
* Evie wants to play with her imaginary friends
* Evie wants to be loyal to her pen-pal, but the pen-pal's pal is so doggone cute.
* Evie wants to clone herself as many times as possible
* Evie wants to remain a cowgirl, a role she's assumed since childhood
* Evie wants you to experience professional quality service
* Guess what evie wants, nay NEEDS!
* Evie wants eggs on toast
* Evie wants to do that all the time.
* Any special activities that Evie wants to undertake?
* So, Evie wants a little war, does she?
* Evie wants to know if you guys finished with your breakfast so you could go to "prima cum in here"

And my favorite - another line from a search that didn't quite fit the criteria...

if Evie were to do porn it would be better described as a horror movie.


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