Sunday, August 28, 2005

Kings and such

I'm very proud of myself. I had pocket kings, flopped quad kings, and actually made it pay off. After a little checking, I found someone who thought their two pair were the best. Funny thing with quads... you have to act so weak/tight. I need those more often. hehehe

I have to apologize. It's almost 2 AM and I just got home from the bar with my friend Danielle. Danielle was the good sport tonight and agreed to be designated driver. Although she wanted to go home at 12:30 AM instead of waiting until the bar closed, I still have to appreciate my designated driver. :-) At least I was told by someone that they thought I was only 22. Damn, I've gotta thank my parents for the genes.

When I got home tonight, as drunk as I am, I decided to play a little poker on Full Tilt. Not the greatest idea, I'll admit. I don't know how the whole thing will finish out, but I know that I folded the card to make a straight flush on a hand. It could really put a person on tilt... if they weren't so relaxed. I plan on being very relaxed. Let's see how it goes.

Damn, I'm sure I'll regret this post later. Booze does that to me... regrets and such. Here's to hoping I double up and make this little poker session worthwhile!


Blogger StB said...

Drunken poker. It can be a deadly game. It also can be fun pissing people off.

8:45 AM  

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