Wednesday, August 10, 2005

yes, dear

I'd had most of a post written yesterday about how my husband had encouraged me to catch up on one of my favorite shows and then laughed at me when I got a little sappy over my favorite character dying. I'd gotten through the whole thing and realized how maudlin and depressing it was. I know I tend to make a short story long (as my friend Danielle always tells me), so I scrapped it and decided that it was better to have no post at all than some crappy writeup. I hope to post something a little less crappy today, but probably not by much.

Yes, I'm going through PMS right now. You'll notice it in my writing, I'm sure. Say what you will, but I really do think it's a valid defense for killing your husband when he irritates you during "that time of the month". Luckily, I love my husband and he'd never do that to me. Uh-huh. He's an intelligent man. That's when I hear "yes, dear" for 3 days solid. lol

The freeroll at the BH sucked last night. I saw some damn crappy cards, for the two dozen or so hands I played. We started the night with 100 in chips and 1/2 blinds. I was getting nothing, then I found K2s in late position, so I limped in. I flopped two pair, but there were 2 hearts on the board and I needed spades. One guy in front of me came in for a minimum bet, but I put him on the flush draw. I raised 2x his bet and he called. A 6d comes up, and he checks. To keep him from the flush, I raised to 40 and he went all in with 11 above my bet. Of course I had to call - and he'd caught two pair, Ks and 6s. Damn. Since I hadn't played any other hands, I still had 25 in chips.

Then, I folded quads. Yes, you heard me right. I folded quads. My friend Phil (the ex-Crystal Roxx bass player who's much too cool lol) had gotten pocket 6s three hands before and flopped his quads. When I got 36o, I didn't think twice about folding. Two of the remaining 6s came out on the flop and I would've turned the quads. Of course I should've called the raise to 12 preflop with that hand. What was I thinking? :-)

I waited for a good hand - and found AKo a couple of hands later. I go all in, figuring I was going to pick up some blinds and give myself a little more time. I get called by the guy who had doubled up on me. Then, the guy to my right decides to go all-in over the top for another 125 or so. The all-in didn't surprise me that much since he was saying that every fourth or fifth hand. The other guy folds, so it's heads up. I flip over my cards, and the other guy has AQo. I'm thinking I'm going to double up.... until the Q comes on the turn and I'm out. Damn, damn. I never even made it to the 2/4 blinds. At least I wasn't the first one out.

There were 2 people that went out on the first hand. Unfortunately, Landow was one of them. He had pocket Qs against pocket Js. He ended up getting rivered with a third J. He and I comisserated at the outside bar for a little bit, then he headed home to win some money online.

I hung out at the BH for a little bit longer, but then my sister called and I had to get home to help her with some stuff. Of course, while helping her out, I happened to open Full Tilt Poker and play a little NLHE. I definitely think I'm reading the players better. I called once or twice when I read a bluff and took hands that I wouldn't have normally. I slow-played my trip Qs a little because of my read on the table and ended up making more money than usual there. Of course, I wasn't always right and called the wrong bets on one table, but I made it back plus a little bit on another.

After a little NLHE, I sat back and played some $.25/.50 Razz. The deck was nice to me for most of the hands I played. I think I really only had one hand where it started great and then dropped like a brick. Within half an hour, the rest of the table wouldn't play in a hand with me after 4th street, so I decided it was time to move on.

No other open tables for the low-limit Razz, so I moved over to Stud. Not a great idea. I was being selective with my hands, but every time I had anything, I got outdrawn. My best hand was an A-high flush with my opponent only showing a pair of twos on his up cards. He started betting on 6th street when he picked up an 8 (I was guessing 2 pair, which was correct) and I was thinking I was going to pick up a nice pot. When he rivered another 8 for a boat, I decided I was done there, too.

I still finished up about $10 for the 2 hours of play, which isn't bad for the limits I'm playing. I definitely couldn't live off it. Then again, I've leave it to the many Pros who do it much better than I do.

Since I can't make a living off my poker playing, I need to get back to work and try to get more of my new script written while I build a virtual server. Now, now - everyone shouldn't be so envious of my wonderful job. .... Yeah, I hear the crickets. At least try to have a good day. And repeat after me guys... "yes, dear"


Blogger Drizztdj said...

You are ALWAYS right dear.

1:35 PM  
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Blogger April said...

I cried my eyes out during that episode, so don't feel bad - you weren't the only one doing it!

10:14 PM  
Blogger AlCantHang said...

Yes dear.

4:57 AM  
Blogger Easycure said...


*running for the door*

7:10 AM  

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