Thursday, September 29, 2005

Better Late Than Never

Ok, ok... I know I'm the last one to post my writeup of the weekend. I'm a lousy blogger. Beat me with a wet noodle and I'll repent.

Again, I want to tell everyone how happy I was to see them this weekend and how much I enjoyed your company. I only get to see some of you once or twice a year, but I enjoy it every single time. I don't feel like I have to hold anything back, and it makes for some awesome partying!

My weekend actually started on Thursday. I took Friday off to get people from the airport and finish preparations, so my friend Danielle convinced me that I could go out drinking and sleep it off the next day. My expectations for the weekend had put me in a great mood, and it showed on Thursday. It actually got to the point where I called Al and told him I'd be crashing at Danielle's place, but after a little breakfast, I was sober enough to drive home. I crashed at 3:30 AM.

I forgot that I had to be up at 9 AM to head to the airport. Damn. I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed a quick shower and headed down. I had to make an extra loop around the airport because security wouldn't let me sit for a minute or two, but I found Steve and we headed out for lunch. When I know that I have to stay in the area (like we did to pick up Bobby Bracelet at 2), I usually take my first pickup to grab cheesesteaks - so I did. It was Steve's first Philly cheesesteak, and it wasn't even in Philly - it was in Delaware! The place is awesome, and we were in a food coma by the time we left. We wandered a little bit and stopped at the smoke shop in Delaware for cheap cartons. Since we still had 45 minutes to kill, I offered to take Steve down for a beer at one of the little bars near the airport. On our way, Al called and said Bobby was early. We grabbed him instead and headed back to the home area.

We picked up Al at home (where Steve and Bobby were greeted by the sight of my little sister in her robe on the front step). She grabbed the smokes we picked up for her and we were off. To the bar!

It was 3:45 PM and the upstairs bar was busy. Everybody heads there early on nice days, and they down open the downstairs bar until 4. We got our first beer and headed down when we could. The guys originally wanted to sit on the deck, but it was getting really warm out there. We all piled inside and grabbed my favorite spot on the inside bar. There's a narrow walkway between the bar and the seating area/window behind it. When you have a group of people back there, nobody else can walk through and it's like having your own VIP area. We effectively sealed our area up for the night when Pauly and Derek showed up. Drinks were ordered for them.

Now, this is where it gets a little fuzzy. Many beers, many shots. Friday just happened to be our wedding anniversary, so many people wanted to (and did) buy us shots. I vaguely remember some of the conversations... and showing Derek my tattoo. Oops. I also remember watching Bobby getting the third confirmation on the huge junk. I mean, who could forget such a momentous event?

Knowing I needed to sober up a little, I convinced Bobby to come play pool with me. We were actually doing really well considering the amount of alcohol we'd consumed. We'd kept the table pretty much the whole time.... then these two chicks come over to play, obviously lured by the huge junk at the table. I watched the man do his work, but we were called away by the group for a diner run before the girl could fully comprehend the honor being bestowed upon her. She promised to show up the next night.

We piled in vehicles and headed up to our local 24 hour diner, the Val Rio. It's been here for as long as I've lived in the area (11 years) and likely many, many before that. I've spend more alcohol-fueled nights in there than I care to admit. After Derek made some room in his stomach for some grub, we headed in. We got my favorite waitress, and she took good care of us. Pauly lost his cracker bet (you have to check out his writeup), and nobody else cared to give it a try. Food was good, and we decide it's a good idea to save ourselves for tomorrow. Home is 3 minutes away, and I crash hard.

I'll write up the bash tomorrow. It's after 5 PM and time to head to the bar now. Until tomorrow....


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