Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Happiness, as promised

I want to thank everyone who gave me a little support when I needed it. I'm much better now... still busy, but I promised I wouldn't whine anymore. :-)

Here's some poker happiness for ya. I logged on to Full Tilt last night, and sit down at one of the .10/.25 NL tables. (I'm definitely a low limit player right now.) I usually only buy in for $10 even though the max is $25. So, I sit down with $10 on this table, and I'm in the SB position. I wait for the button to pass, and post my blind one before the button. I get dealt A6c, and call a 1xBB raise to $.50. Flop comes 66K. Trips - nice! I'd prefer a full house, but... Someone in early position bets $2 and I call. Turn comes - A. Jackpot! The only thing that could beat me now is pocket As, but I was guessing that they didn't have it when they overbet the pot. I pause for dramatic effect and call. River is a rag, and I'm happy. Opponent puts me all in (looks like they bought in for $25) and I call. They flop over A7o for just a pair. I couldn't believe it! Nothing better that letting them do all of the work of getting their money in there for you.

I played two tables for about an hour and ended up about $20. Not bad for low-limits.

I know many of you are thinking that I could have made much more if I'd only bought in for $25 instead of $10. I used to buy in for the full amount. Here's the rub though - especially when sitting down at a new table, I won't buy in for the full amount until I get a good sense of the table. I'd hate to misread someone early and lose a max buy-in instead of a smaller one. Also, suckouts tend to happen more often at these low limits. Once I get a little more comfortable with the table, I'll buy in for more. If it's a good table for me to be playing on, I usually don't have to buy in for any more though. They give their money to me and I'm up past the max buy-in anyways.

Another thing - can someone tell me if I'm as stupid as I think I am for playing A-whatever suited? I won't play it if there's a decent size raise (more that 2xBB) or I'm out of position unless I can limp. Any card 5 and under will give straight possibilities along with the flush possibilities. If I don't get at least 2 cards of that suit or two pair (and sometimes a straight draw if I'm in late position), I fold to anything. I don't feel any attachment after the flop, but it's hard to not give the hand a shot when I could make the nut flush (provided the cards cooperate). With flushes, there's always some idiot who thinks his 10-high flush is going to make it, and they just love to give you their money. I don't have stats to back it up, but it seems like I make a whole lot more money with that hand when I hit than I lose limping in and folding with it when I don't hit my flop.

I'm reverting back to my lousy poker-playing days when I'd do things just 'cause they felt right. Oh wait, I don't think I ever got out of those. At least the strategy I've adopted seems to be winning me some money. I play much different live, but I have to support my habit somehow.


Blogger Joe said...

Well at least someone had a good day at the tables, personally I lost about $15 on the low limit tables over at party on the .50/1.00 limit, but most of my losses came in the last 2 hands I played before I got up to leave. Oh well, hopefully I've learned a lesson and will play a bit tighter the next time around. Or maybe, I should just try some no limit and see if I can't double up quickly. Glad to hear your better today.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Easycure said...

A6 in the SB and calling a min. raise? I normally would muck it. But, I'm no expert like Bobby B or Golden Joey.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Jestocost said...

If there were a couple more people than you and the raiser in the pot, you may have had the odds to call the min raise from the SB. Without anyone you could be certain would come along for the ride, I wouldn't have been in the pot. Without the two sixes or a flush draw--that is to say on most flops--you'd have to let the hand go if there's any action.

10:14 AM  

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