Monday, October 03, 2005

Bash at the Boat 6 dawns bright and early

Since everyone has read much better writeups about this than I could ever do, I'll (try to) make this the quick version....

Picked up Otis at the airport at noon, after getting stuck in construction traffic that made me late. Since we had time to kill before BadBlood's flight came in, we went for lunch. Yup, cheesesteaks. Two days in a row. Awesome food - brought some back for the others. While finishing up lunch, we get a call from BadBlood saying that his flight was already in. Awesome! We head back to the airport, and after a couple of mistakes, we find him and toss him in the truck.

At this point, we head straight to the Boathouse. I've already gotten calls from a few people for directions, questions, and the like. We get there just as the general manager is arriving, around 2 PM. Joaquin and his friends are already waiting for us. I get the gm Matt to let us hang out on the deck before they open, and we get the tables and chairs prepped in thanks. Others began pouring in - Jason Spaceman and his lovely wife, Carter, Helixx, F-train and Stephanie, Al and Landow, Pauly, Derek, StB, Bobby Bracelet. Of course, this meant that there was enough for 2 tables of cards, not just one. One limit HORSE table, one NLHE table. While everyone was otherwise occupied, I snuck off to get ready for the evening.

I get back, and cards are still going fast and furious. I begin drinking. The magician got there, and asked that I help him out during his fundraising for the evening. BigMike was paying him to be there to raise money, but he thought that my presence gave him more credibility. He came over to the blogger tables first, and he was a hit! Amazing tricks. Joaquin performed a trick of his own - he made over 20 roosters appear.... by dropping his pants to reveal rooster-covered boxers! I have to rat out Joaquin, because I know I did much worse by the end of the night....

The whole time I'm escorting the magician, I'm greeting friends and accepting beers. I must have had 6 or 7 in the 3 hours that I was working with the magician. I was feeling no pain by this point. I was talking to the lead singer Jake of Petey and the Band Campers when I found out he had Mardi Gras beads. They were going to hold a contest - the woman with the most beads would get her bar tab paid. I already knew mine was paid, but it didn't keep me from trying to win anyways. I can only imagine how many times I flashed people that night... and I'm still hearing stories of random acts that I can't even begin to remember.

Here's what I do remember -
* Sending shots of petron tequila to the end of the bar where F-train and Otis (?) were, asking Terri to tell them I'd be right there, and walking over to find that they'd already done the shots! Party foul...
* Dancing with Jake and having him give me several strands of beads - just for the dance!
* Telling the bartender Terri that we wanted red-headed sluts (shots), just not the one that was hanging out with Bobby Bracelet's conquest of the evening.
* Having a chugging contest with Otis... water chugging. :-)

Being a hostess, I saw that Otis was looking a little rough and might need a nudge in the right direction. Honestly, I was more worried he'd try to recreate a "Running of the Lewey" and kill himself in the process. How could I ever explain that to Mrs. Otis? We took turns keeping him away from the gate to the hill, and I started thumbwrestling people. Why? I don't know. Drunk muscles? Whatever... :-) it was fun, but I don't have much recollection of who I competed against and how I did. If someone can only tell me...

Fast forward - end of party. Ugly lights. Ugly bar tab. Final cleanups. I think I actually won the bead contest, but Carter took my beads. I don't know if anyone thought about counting at that point. Making sure everyone got back to the hotel. I know I got back there... but I don't remember the drive so much. BigMike was my hero and ran to Wawa (local convenience store) for water! It was the only thing that saved me the next day.

Next day - brought StB and Otis for their flights - at some ungodly hour - 7 AM or something? Way too early to be up after the night we'd had. I threatened to make them walk if they did this next year. :-) Came back, and we all headed to the BH for football. Another trip to get BadBlood to his plane and went back for more football. StB had won the gift certificate for dinner at Hibachi, and he generously slipped it to me before he left on Saturday. (Thanks!) Since we had the free food and Bobby Bracelet (and I) wasn't up for much drinking, we went and grabbed dinner instead. Great dinner, and off to bed to pass out.

Bobby had an early flight, so I saw him again at 5:30 AM the next morning. Again, more threatening about early flights. Shipped him off and started work early.

It's been a week now, and I think my body is still recovering. My memory has lots of holes, but I have friends who are taking great pleasure in filling those in for me. The fun part is that we're already starting to plan next year's party!


Blogger F-Train said...

So THAT'S where that shot came from!

I think it was me, Bad Blood and Otis. All I can remember is that we did a shot of tequila, and then the bartender put another tequila shot in front of us with some sort of words about it being from somewhere else. Of course, I was so smashed, nothing the bartender said really registered. I think we just shrugged, blessed our good fortune, and threw it back.

Sorry we didn't get to do it with you. Next time, I promise.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Carter said...

I have no idea how your beads ended up on me. I mean, I remember talking to you, and then I remember having 10 pounds of beads placed over my head. Everything else is a blur, especially my life saving antics in the shuttle. I woke up the next morning in a strange hotel room with a mountain of beads on the coffee table opposite the couch I was on. You should have seen me walking down the road to the Boathouse carrying all those beads. Freaking hysterical.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next year I think the shuttle driver works all weekend making airport runs too! I did not hear the contest results with the beads. I said the logistics of that contest were too difficult and it would be impossible to judge a winner. Easier to give it to the girl with the biggest...hands...


1:42 PM  

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