Thursday, October 06, 2005

The site was down, I swear....

I was planning on posting last night after work, but they took the site down for maintenance. I know I've been slacking off on the writing, but it really wasn't my fault yesterday...

On Wednesdays, I always write about the freeroll the night before. This Tuesday, I can honestly say I felt good about my play. I think it was better than it had been in a long time. I was steadily building my stack. We had a guy on the table who'd been drinking and was uber-aggressive... kind of like Lewey on a bender, but I've played with Lewey before and I can read him a little better. Drunk guy took out one guy, then someone else took out Landow and drunk guy took out him! He was big stack, but I was still above average pretty high up on the food chain for our table. Then, they broke up another table and we ended up with 4 new additions. We played for a while, and I ended up losing some chips when my best hand went to worst with the turn of a few cards.

The new additions included a guy who was pretty easy to read. Whenever he had a middle to low pair, he'd overbet to take the pot. He happened to do that while I held AQs. Blinds were 4/8 getting ready to go up and I needed to make a move. I knew he had a middle pair - I called. It turned out to be pocket 10s. It was a classic race. I flopped a jack, but there were 3 hearts on the board. Of course, I was suited in diamonds. The turn brought another heart and I was done - one of his tens were hearts. I still think I made the right call, which is a change since I usually beat myself up over how I go out. Since I was out, I sat and talked to the woman I was sitting next to.

Her and her boyfriend have been coming to the Boathouse for as long as they've had the freeroll. They are the nicest people! (Her boyfriend is the one who I will get out of the pot when he reraises since I know he doesn't bluff that often. He's a rock!) We started talking about various things - the house coming up, painting, decorating and the like. A comment was made about someone who works at the BH, and she whispers that she used to work there. I was shocked! Knowing the soap opera drama that occurs between the staff in that place, I couldn't imagine. She only worked there for a short time, and the drama was the reason why she couldn't stay. We talked about a whole lot more, but it was a private conversation and I found out a whole bunch of things that I didn't know before. What a small world!

Well damn, this has got to be some of the worst drivel I've written in a while. I don't even know if I had a point to the whole story... See, this is what happens when you try to write documentation at work then try to write something for pleasure. Documentation turns your brain to mush!

I'm going bowling with Danielle tonight. I'll be hungover tomorrow. It's a given. I just hope to be home by 1 AM. Don't expect much from me tomorrow either....


Blogger Drizztdj said...

Drunken post = best posts

See husband's blog for examples.

9:41 AM  
Blogger EvaCanHang said...

Yeah, but I think he's still drunk when he writes those. I know he's at work, but... that much alcohol just cannot get flushed out of the system that quickly!

1:13 PM  

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