Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Weekend in Poker

...for me. Unlucky as hell, at least in the beginning. I'm sure I could've played my hands a little stronger, but I was getting slapped left and right by the deck and not in a good way. The first time my pocket As got cracked by pocket 3s, I figured that those things would happen. The guy caught trips on an otherwise harmless flop and I fell right into it. When I got another set of pocket As 20 minutes later, I got really annoyed when I put QJ all-in after the Q-high flop...and the J came on the river. Not much long after, my beautiful pocket As ran up against J9o, which held in for a gutshot straight on the turn. I don't slow play my As. I've seen them cracked when you try to sucker in as many people as possible. I usually only had one or two callers pre-flop. It seemed that it was enough. I hadn't even thought to keep track of the other bad beats.

That was yesterday. Today would be different, right? Wrong. It started with pocket Qs losing to KQo on an all low flop. The guy made a small bet, and I pushed all in. He calls... next card is that king. Another pair of pocket As - J high flop, he bets, I push all in... and yeah, it was the river that brought the K this time. I was ready to give up right there...

...then I thought about it. My cards were the best when I got all of my money in (except for those damned 3s). I played really well otherwise. I was thinking I could've raised more pre-flop, but I'm not going to get anywhere taking just a quarter or two. I want one person to call, two if I'm feeling bold.

So I keep playing, and this hand happens - which reminds why I play on these tables. [I'm not just posting a hand history I promise - but you have to see how it went to understand why I love this place so much.] BTW - the comments make more sense if you know that my icon is a cat (which just happens to look exactly like mine).

Seat 6: stop_six ($24.15)
Seat 8: MrsCantHang ($12.80)
MrsCantHang posts the small blind of $0.10
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to MrsCantHang [Qd Ac]
stop_six raises to $0.60
MrsCantHang calls $0.50
*** FLOP *** [Qh 9c Qc]
MrsCantHang checks
stop_six bets $1
MrsCantHang raises to $2
stop_six raises to $3
MrsCantHang raises to $4
stop_six calls $1
*** TURN *** [Qh 9c Qc] [6s]
MrsCantHang bets $8.20, and is all in
stop_six calls $8.20
MrsCantHang shows [Qd Ac]
stop_six shows [9s Td]
*** RIVER *** [Qh 9c Qc 6s] [Qs]
MrsCantHang shows four of a kind, Queens
stop_six shows a full house, Queens full of Nines
MrsCantHang wins the pot ($24.60) with four of a kind, Queens

DxMagneto: lol nh
MrsCantHang: thx
stop_six: the big blind flops quads, wow.
DxMagneto: small blind
MrsCantHang: I was staying in w/the AQ anyways, but....
DxMagneto: beautifully played kitty
stop_six: beautifully played?
stop_six: how the !&!$ hard is it to play that
DxMagneto: she made u call all in
stop_six: ..I would've called if you had gone all in initally
DxMagneto: dont be mad puppy, cats rule!
stop_six: man these low limits are annoying

I mean really... does anyone else think T9o is such an awesome hand? I know most people would have raised in that situation, but I wanted to hide the strength of my hand a little bit and make some money on the hand instead of having everyone fold. Plus, he raised for me... let the dumb man do all the work! :-)

The comments were what really made me realize why I still play. There are people like that out there that will call all-ins with crap. I stayed around and ended up tripling up a couple of times, which made back everything I lost plus quite a bit more.

Now, if this would only happen at the higher stakes, I'd be all set!


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