Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bar Poker

Played in the freeroll again tonight. I swear, my first hand was KTo which I had to fold on the flop, then I went card dead for about 45 minutes. I wasn't getting cards higher than an 8, and even then they weren't connectors or suited. Ugly stuff. I was on a table with Al, BigMike, Lewey, JDub, and a few other friends, so I had a fighting chance to bluff, but the opportunity never presented itself. It kept me from losing money on hands since I wasn't playing much of anything, but the blinds did take me down a bit.

The best thing that happened to me was when I got shifted to another table. There was more dead money on that table than I could believe. Damn, I should've started there! They'd call down ANYTHING... I saw one hand where a guy went all-in for a decent size stack with Q8o when a K84 flop came, and was called by A7o. The A7 didn't improve and knocked her down quite a bit. She went all in the next hand (even though she had more than 100 in chips with 4/8 blinds) with garbage and was knocked out. Table chipleader to out in 2 hands. Ugly stuff. I doubled up plus some when my AJs met Q9s and ended up with two pair. It got me back a comfortable chipstack.

In a twist of fate, I got shifted back to the table that I'd come off of. By this time, blinds are 10/20. I get dealt pocket 10s and raise to 2.5x BB, but nobody wants to play. Next hand, pocket Qs. Yahoo! Again, raise to 2.5x BB, but I get a caller. Flop comes out ugly - AK6 rainbow. I act first, and fire out another 3x BB. Whatever the other guy had, he figured I had something better and folded. Unfortunately, my luck left me at that point and I was back to getting 74o. After getting blinded down, I find AJs UTG and go all in - which was unfortunately a little more than 2x BB. Lewey calls me and BB folds. He flops over AJo, and without a flush we split the pot. Nothing else comes and I go all in when the BB gets to me... and lose. I was out in 10th place, but I thought that was pretty good for the crap I was getting.

No online poker tonight. Fighting with my blog right now... and I think it's' winning. Note the new Full Tilt Poker banner... looks nice, huh? Yeah, but I'm having problems getting it to populate every where I want it. Ugh. I need a crash course in html...


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