Monday, November 21, 2005

Movin' on up!

I got to play a decent amount of poker this weekend. Of course, this meant that I didn't buy new couches for my living room or clean out half the number of boxes I wanted to. There has to be a tradeoff somewhere - work or sanity. I chose sanity.

After some tentative past forays into the next level (.25/.50 NL) on Full Tilt, I've moved up there permanently. I am an admittedly very low-limit player on the conservative side. I found that the playing style actually works better for me there, and I did pretty well this weekend. Even taking a hit with some horrible suckouts, I made $120+ in 8 hours or so. The suckouts were ugly - lost $40+ in two hands, one right after the other. AK vs. AJ, and he caught a runner-runner straight against my two pair. If that wasn't bad enough, on the other table I get my AK killed when A2o calls my all-in and catches a 2 on the river. I made all of that up and more over the course of the following couple hours.

The amusing part of the afternoon comes when Al pops onto my table from the Boathouse, where he's watching football with BigMike and some of the other guys. I'd made a semi-questionable play when I did a little chasing for a flush and caught. The individual I was in the hand with took more than a little offense that I stayed in against his naked A (which was EXTREMELY obvious) that had paired. He proceeded to berate me over and over... it wouldn't have been so pathetic if he'd had anything to say other that I was a dumb F U K and that I sucked. If the disparaging comments were original, I might have cared. Obviously, this guy was just an idiot so I let him go. Al didn't. He offered to play the dumb guy heads up and tried to goad the guy into rebuying so I could take his money again. When the guy finally left the table (after many more you and your wife suck comments), Al decided to keep him company on several of the tables. Al is tenacious as hell, especially after a few shots of SoCo.

All in all, a good weekend. If I can get the rest of my stuff unpacked soon, I hope to have many more just like this one....


Blogger StB said...

Didn't know Al could be such a bulldog! He defends his princess well.

10:29 AM  

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