Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Poker? I don't even know her...

Haven't been able to play the poker I've wanted to play this week. I did get in a short session yesterday, but it was after I'd gone for a couple of drinks with Danielle. Not good, but for some reason, I feel the need to play poker after I've had a few beers. Maybe I'm just gearing up for Vegas...

I sit down and open up a table on Full Tilt. First hand in, I get pocket Ks. Make a few bucks there. Next hand, big slick - flop comes king high. I had a couple more hands like that, and even without going to showdown, I've doubled up. Sweet! I play for a little while longer, and a few small pocket pairs bring me down a few bucks when they don't hit. I still netted a few bucks.... always a bonus.

I should be at the Boathouse playing poker tonight. Instead, I did the responsible thing and went shopping for some of the million things that the new house needs. I now have 2.5 bathrooms instead of one, so I had to get wastebaskets, soap holders, towels, etc. I needed new trash cans, so I got really cool square ones with wheels so I won't have to carry them anymore. Then, there's always the normal household goods that we need after not shopping for a month and a half. I know I forgot a whole lot of stuff, but I was tired of shopping by that point and just wanted to get home and put stuff away.

Things are going slowly but steadily in the house. We've made dinner here several times, and even had a few guests. I feel bad about people having to sit on the living room floor, but I haven't gotten couches yet. Or a tv stand. Or the washing machine out of my living room. Yes, you're reading that correctly. Long story, but the guys who delivered it were whiners who didn't want to lift it upstairs because "it's too heavy". Wah, what am I paying you for? We're having a couple of friends stop by tomorrow to help us get it upstairs. I'm hoping the couches will be this weekend's purchase. Little by little...

And I'm doing my best not to ignore this little blog. I wish I had something a little more exciting to write about, but nope, just the whining about the house. Hopefully this gets done soon, and I can move on to better topics... like the wild parties that we're having in the new house!


Blogger Pokerwolf said...

Glad to hear things are slowly moving along in the house!

Don't worry about poker if you can (I know, I know state the impossible...) and just get the house done. You'll be happier about it later that way!

Thanks for the update, Eva!

5:49 AM  
Blogger Human Head said...

Don't stop telling stories about the new house, that's part of the fun!

6:14 AM  
Blogger Drizztdj said...

I miss having a new house. Now its an old house in continuous state of repair.

7:40 AM  

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