Sunday, December 04, 2005

The days approaching Vegas

I haven't had much to write about, or time to write about it. No poker has been played since Mom was visiting. It also meant that all my free time was spent with her and my sister, since Mom doesn't get to visit that often. We went shopping mostly, but with Christmas right around the corner and a new house, there was always shopping to be done.

I also took Mom down to the Boathouse for the Tuesday night freeroll. She was going in with low expectations since she didn't think she'd even won a single hand last time she'd played there. Her luck seemed better since she won the first hand, but she didn't get much for a while after that. I was doing ok - going up and down - but I wasn't feeling well (thanks to my sick officemate - jerk) and ended up just playing hands to get rid of my chips. After I left, Mom doubled up a few times and made it much farther than the rest of us. Al and BigMike were out before I left... Maybe she should be the one to come play in the Vegas tourney this coming weekend.

Speaking of... I hope I'm ready for Vegas. I haven't been practicing my drinking exercises this past week, so I'm a little out of shape on the alcohol side of things. Also, since I haven't been playing poker, I might not do so well in that arena either. Oh well... like any of this has ever stopped me before. I'm going to enjoy the company of everyone there... and that's the most important part of this trip.

Oh, the stories and pictures... that will never go anywhere since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Right? Not with the bloggers... hehehehe Stay tuned.


Blogger Joanne1111 said...

Just. Cant. Wait.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Dennis Detroit said...

So let us know what happens in Vegas. Especially at the craps tables!

What *are* your drinking exercises?

4:37 PM  

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