Friday, December 30, 2005

Oh boy! Talk about random hits...

Out of curiousity, I went to statcounter today for the first time in months to see if there's anyone out there that's even reading the crap I put up. It seems that there is.... but how some of these people get here is mind blowing. Check out this person's path to my door. This blog's the second entry on the page. It's not even time for Mardi Gras yet...

It makes me wonder about Canadians when two people found my page with this. I only made the second page of the search with this one and fifth page with this.

Wow... maybe if I throw in more references to boobs, sex, puking, ugly chicks and the like, I can boost up my numbers even higher! I guess I'd have to actually start posting pictures then. I'll leave that up to Al.


Blogger Felicia :) said...

Lucky you. I think the number one search on my blog is "enema."

Oy vey!

6:16 PM  

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