Friday, December 30, 2005


I just spent my day off from work in the last way I thought I would... sitting at work in a lab, hacking at a 10+ year old server that should've been running just fine but wasn't. It wasn't running properly because some not-so-bright individual or individuals decided to take apart this server and move it halfway across the lab. Nevermind the fact that with an old server like this, once those drives spin down (i.e. are powered off and stop), many times they won't spin up again and need service. You could probably overlook the fact that they never even notified anyone that this work was going to be done, so when I went in to find the server, I had to hunt for 10 minutes before I found it. Let's focus on the fact that these individuals decided to do this work on the LAST WORKDAY BEFORE A LONG 4-DAY HOLIDAY WEEKEND, and when they moved it and the server didn't come back up, they LEFT IT TO ROT JUST AS IT WAS.

Heads are gonna roll when I get into work on Tuesday. Not only am I upset because I worked a full day plus some today - with a raging hangover since Danielle and I went out last night - but it's affecting Development's time schedule for a new project they're rolling out. If they think I'm bad, just wait until the development group gets their two cents in. I've already told the development guy I get first crack at the nitwits... I get to vent some of my aggressions, then they can come in for the kill. Yes, mayhem is on my mind today...

You would think this would be a bad time for poker. Not really. I jumped onto Full Tilt Poker and started playing some .10/.25 NL. I doubled up on two tables in less than half an hour. I won one hand with a lucky J (I had the flush draw on the flop and 2 overs to his pair of 7s) and had a beautiful set of Ks that nobody believed. After a few well-played hands where I won with good cards, I could get out my aggressions at the table (selectively, of course) and take down some good-sized pots with garbage or bottom pair. Just because.

There's nothing better in poker than taking down pots when you don't have the cards. Anyone can take down big pots with sets, flushes or full houses (or the wheel, depending on your game). I love the sense of victory that I get from knowing I outplayed my opponents. Fishy though they may be. I'm sure they're thinking the same thing about me though.

This pot isn't going to give the kettle too much grief though. My bankroll is growing slowly. Ever so slowly, but still going up.


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