Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another Saturday Night in AC

Man, I'm glad I finished up the last trip report already. This trip was another trip that you had to be there to believe.

We didn't end up getting down to Atlantic City until later in the evening... somewhere around 7 PM. Pauly was still working, but he figured he'd get done much earlier that night since they were just finshing up yesterday's event. They weren't going to start a new event that day because the main event was starting on Sunday.

While we were waiting, we grabbed his brother Derek and grabbed dinner at Noodles of the World again. Their spicy beef noodle soup is always too good for me to resist, and I got the same thing yet again. While Al picked up the tab and was waiting for the bill, I ran out again and tried my luck to see if I could hit another big score on the slots. Not this time. It seems it can only happen once per trip, and since Pauly never left, it was still the same trip for him. Oh well.

After dinner, we went up to check on Pauly. The event had just finished, and some young punk had just taken it down. (Man, I wish I was some young punk. lol) We waited for Pauly to finish up and grabbed the guys for some recreation outside of the Borgata.

Since Pauly's spent the last 10 days in the Borgata, we headed over to Harrah's to the Eden lounge for a little boozing. We probably should've found a bar that had nothing to do with a casino, but it was close and we don't know of any good bars in the area. We wandered in, and Pauly starts wandering towards the back of the bar to one of the quiet little tables there. I convinced him that the floor show was more than worth the slight trade-off of noise. We found a table in the back of the main area with a decent view of the dance floor... and the floor show that always ensues.

We sit down and get the same waitress as last week. She's slow, but she remembered us and our drinks... she gets orders from Pauly and Derek. She seemed to be trying to be a little quicker, and I think our tip from last weekend helped. We settled in for the show.

I pointed out the porno dancing freak to the guys, and we didn't have to wait long before he started "performing". I'm hoping that since Pauly's a much better writer than I am, he can do it more justice on his blog. We watched him for quite a while... Pauly bet me $20 that I wouldn't go dance with him. Under normal circumstances, it would've been a no-brainer but I knew he had his camera. There's no way I was letting him get a photo of me with the freak to post for only $20... I could never live with the reminder (or run for public office) with that floating around.

The first band was good... turned out to be friends of ours. We weren't expecting it, but it was a nice surprise. The second band that came on had 3 chick singers that had these cutesy little choreographed moves. Kinda lame, but we were having a good time drinking.

During their first set, this group of guys sits down at the table next to us. Older guys, with the oldest being in his 60's (by my guesstimation) and the youngest being late 30's/early 40's (also guesstimation). As they were making their way to the table, the oldest guy was dancing to the music as Al was passing. The guy starts dancing with Al, which of course makes us all laugh.

They settle in and start drinking. At some point, they start talking to me. Nice guys actually, all cousins. They get me up to dance a few times over the next hour or so and start buying me drinks. At some point, the middle cousin goes wandering and the youngest goes off to find him. The old guy wanders up to the bar (presumably to get a drink) and comes back with a woman in tow. She was in her 50's, not bad looking but looking her age, in a sweater and black pants. I thought that my new friend had just found a love interest at the bar. He introduced me to her and his youngest cousin when he came back.

It seems that her purpose wasn't "love", per se. After a conversation amongst the guys, the youngest cousin leans over to me and says that he can't believe that his cousin actually picked up a hooker. I said "Really? She's a hooker?" and almost fell out of my chair laughing! We'd had a conversation earlier about hookers and how I couldn't spot them. I'd asked Pauly and Derek to teach me how to pick 'em out... seems that they knew right off. I definitely need lessons...

I also learned that AC hookers seem to get paid well. After seeing the HBO special about the AC hookers, I thought they were the cheap kind. Nope, not here it seems. The cousin was also amazed that she wanted $300. I was laughing too hard to ask for what, but I should've asked "for posterity". Too late now.

Pauly and Derek were tired by this time, so we headed out. We dropped them off at the Borgata and started home. I needed to put gas in the truck and a little bit of food for the ride, so we stopped at the gas station/McDonalds right on the way out of AC. We made it there easily enough and got gas. Time for food...

Warning for anyone in AC around 3 in the morning looking for food... this McDonalds is NOT the way to go. Slow as hell, lines wrapped around the place... and if you haven't been raped, beaten, and your car stolen and/or hit, you've done well. Al ended up having to run inside since the drive-thru line was so long. It was easy to see afterwards why the smart people opted to use the drive-thru. It took Al forever inside, while I waited out in the car. I had the doors securely locked and something heavy within close range of my hands just in case... When the car with most of the passenger side bashed in got within inches of my bumper as it parked next to me, I prayed that Al would come out soon. Luckily, he came out right afterward and I met him with the car at the door so he wouldn't get mugged on the way through.

I made the 2 hour trip home in about an hour and a half. Traffic was cooperating nicely, and we made it home at 5 AM.

It's always an adventure in AC.


Blogger Derek McG said...

hehe . . . gotta love them AC hookers!!!

2:18 PM  
Blogger iamhoff said...

Funny you should mention the AC Hookers. I just watched that, and I was stunned they were that expensive. To a one, the ones that HBO showed were fugly...there is beauty in the dark is only a 12 pack away fugly...Chef's Magic Bag of Love fugly. The one that killed me was the one who swore she gave the best head, and told the guy not to worry about teeth...she'd take her dentures out!! Scary.

4:14 PM  
Blogger EvaCanHang said...

I guess the HBO special set a slightly different expectation... and I'm probably a little too naive anyways.

I don't plan on ever needing the services of one, so I guess it doesn't really matter if I can spot them or not! :-)

12:38 PM  

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