Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday morning already?

The weekends pass by way too fast. I will admit that I was a complete bum this weekend. With all the boxes lying around in my basement, you would think I'd get off my lazy butt and try to get rid of them post-haste. Nope. Not this weekend. My most ambitious action this weekend was moving all my music onto my new 100GB mobile hard drive and ripping all of my cds since I now had the room. I've only used about 14-15GB, so I have lots more room. Still plenty of room on the iPod too. I love adult toys... (yeah, let your mind run with that comment)

Since I was having such a lazy weekend, I figured it was a great time for poker. I played quite a bit this weekend. It made me notice a disconcerting trend in my play. I've seemed to get rid of a little of the bad luck... I was actually getting some cards to play. I've also noticed that I'd have 3 or 4 sessions where I'd build up my bankroll, one buy-in or two at a time. Then, I'd sit down and lose anything I'd built up in one session. Some of it is getting outdrawn. Other times, it's just bad reads on other players. It's something I definitely need to work on. One major hole is not being able to recognize when someone has a set with a small to mid pair. It gets me every time... especially when I have a big pocket pair and the flop comes out all low. Just one of the problems...

I've determined that I need to take a look at what starting hands I'm playing and the position I'm playing them in. I'm not sure if I'm being too tight in late position, or too loose in early position. I've limped in early position with small pocket pairs, ATo or even AJ. I don't like to have to act first with these hands, especially after I raise. Some, like AKo, I always raise no matter what the position - unless someone has raised a decent amount in front of me. I mean, do I really need to reraise when someone has already bet the amount I would have anyways? If they have a big-ish pocket pair, it works to my advantage. If I miss the flop, I fold cheaply. If I hit the flop, I have a chance to take down a good size pot.

Another thing... I'm sick of being teased by the poker gods with quads. Yup, teased. I'd fold something like 92o in mid-position, and watch as the rest of the 9s come out on the board. I'd watch as someone bets up the pot with a pair of 10s (high card on the board) and gets beat by someone with a pocket pair of Js when they go nuts on the river. I folded the necessary card for quads at least 3 or 4 times this weekend. I guess I just have to start playing more crap cards. Or become a CJ-style luckbox. If only he could give lessons in it... :-)

P.S. BTW - sorry to anyone who'd posted a comment here over the last I don't know how many days or weeks. It seems that somehow the "moderate comments" checkbox got checked, and I didn't know it. All the comments had backed up, but I've gone and released them all now. I swear, I'd never ignore people. I love my readers!


Blogger iamhoff said...

Nice to know I'm not the only person to get teased by quads. It happened twice this past weekend on Stars. Once with a 9-4. Fold, flop comes 999. Once with 8-2. A2x on the flop. Raise and reraise by the time it gets back to me. Fold, and sit back and wait for runner runner 2s. So it goes.

2:13 PM  
Blogger EvaCanHang said...

and you always wished you'd just limped... lol

6:28 PM  

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