Saturday, January 28, 2006

Round 2

Since it's already Saturday and we're talking about heading down to AC again, I thought I should probably finish up last weekend. :-)


Ok, we get to Harrah's. Walk in, and there's the "universe puked" carpet. Why do Atlantic City casinos feel the need to find the ugliest carpets possible to grace every square inch of their floors? Sometimes, they pick two or three ugly patterns and mix it up... like one isn't enough? I thought I was going to lose my NoW Spicy Beef Noodle soup. Luckily, I have a strong stomach though.

We walk in and ask for directions to the Eden lounge from one of Harrah's drink girls. She tells us to walk along the wall to the left and we'd find it. We start walking, and walking, and walking. We finally find this place... and realize that we were a very short walk through some slot machines to the front door. At least we know we have a quick escape.

Actually, we hear Eden before we get there. There's loud music and as we get close, we see a bunch of people on the dance floor. Al tries to find Phil while I sit down at a table to the right of the stage and order drinks. There were a few parties of girls dancing around, but I noticed that the gaggles of 21-year-olds seemed to be the exception, not the norm as it is in most of these places.

The small group of girls clear from the dance floor, and that's when I notice them. Three people dancing... and little would I know at that point that they would be the staple of this evening's amusements. They were not young.... they had at least 10-15 years on me, and I'd passed out of my 20's a couple of years ago. Old enough to know better, but didn't. It's not that dancing has to stop when you hit 25 - I love to dance. It's when you try to dance like this.... the guy must've thought porn movies were the best places to get pointers on how to dance, since he'd grind against any women he could get within 5 feet of and make the ass-slapping motions (among others) while grinding away. As the night went on, I almost made Al go out and check on the guy because I swore that he had to be having epileptic seizures at times. The women were no better, though a little more tame. We had to laugh at one of the ladies since her pants were slung low on her hips and her thong was showing... what made it even more amusing were the black pantyhose she was wearing that covered 'em up and made everyone stare to figure out what was wrong with her skin. That's how it started.

Tony and Crystal arrived and settled in, ordering drinks. Then the band came on - the band before Phil's. This was the defining point of the evening. The band was playing all kinds of late 90's crap music - music that Tony had played while in his band years ago and it was crap then. Tony made the comment that the band sounded like they were playing at a wedding... and the jokes started about the bridesmaids and Aunt Sarah making an ass out of herself. We were joined by Phil's girlfriend Melinda, Helixx and Beck during the spectacle. I swear, I've never laughed so hard in my life.

Things went from bad to worse when "Bubba" started dancing. He was a big guy - a few inches over 6 ft. - with a beer belly that would've had people asking if a woman if she was pregnant with twins if she'd had it. The sleeveless blue shirt he was wearing covered it, sort of. It was covered when he pulled the shirt down and stood there. As soon as he moved, the thing rolled up like a window blind in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. When the band started playing "Sweet Home Alabama" and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", ol' Bubba just couldn't help himself. We were treated all kinds of belly-jiggling, fist-pumping dancing. Luckily, it was the end of the set and the band was done for the night.

House music comes on... and the stripper wanna-be starts dancing. At that moment in time, she was the sexiest woman on the dance floor. Of course, she was the only person on the dance floor at all but... she just knew that everyone was looking at her. I'm sure she thought because they all wanted her. It was more like a train wreck - what you see scares you and makes you sick to your stomach but you just can't look away.

Phil's band Vibe Tribe starts playing, and it's the same cast of characters - minus Bubba. We've now picked up an old lady that just loves Vibe Tribe's singer. To the credit of the band, they did pull in several groups of younger chicks. Some were cute... others needed to find true friends because any true friends wouldn't have let those people walk out of the house in those outfits. One in particular - a slightly larger chick in a satin tank top and sequined belt. The outfit itself wasn't bad... It was the chick's lack of mammary support that was the problem. As soon as she started bouncing around to the music, so did they. I swear I had to duck a couple of times because I was afraid I was going to get a black eye... and I wasn't even on the dance floor! There were so many amusements, but not enough space in my memory to remember them all.

The band finishes up and we head out. Beck decides to crash with us instead of staying up all night playing cards. Then again, the countless number of beers might have had something to do with it. On the way back to the hotel, Beck and I decide we need to eat. Al declines and we head out to the diner in Absecon without him.

Breakfast is good. Especially after hours of drinking. It seems that all kinds of people like that diner... the "pimps" included. One in a lavendar suit, the other in a pink seersucker suit. Wow... if I thought I could've gotten a picture without getting my ass shot, I would've gone for it. I would've had the guys pose with me in the middle! By this time, it was 5 in the morning, and we needed sleep.

After a short nap, we're up at 11 and get out of the hotel by noon. Al was afraid I'd lose my newly-won money, so he suggests we head home instead of hanging out for the day. Since I'd only had a few hours of sleep, it actually sounded good. We dropped Beck off at the Philly airport on the way through, and I crashed as soon as I got home.

It was a good trip... we'll probably head out in a few hours to go back to AC today. It's a different trip, and Pauly's still there. Maybe I can convince the gods of luck to grace me with another nice little slot win. Plus, we're going to try to catch up with The Blonde and a few others while we're there. Wish me luck!

BTW - Helixx sent me to his MixDepot page to download a few house mixes he's got posted. Cool stuff! We'd been laughing about music in Eden and he was amazed at some of the crap I have on my iPod and the diversity of the music. I've added his stuff to my iPod, plus some mixes from a few of the other guys. This is great stuff for playing poker...


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