Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Bunny Friday!

Time for the weekly posting! Yeah, I know... should be once a day, but is anyone really that interested in my life? Heck, I'm not even that interested.

I'm in quite a mood today. Why? Not sure. It's Friday, and the hallway where I work is quiet since it doesn't seem like anyone's here today. I don't have a boss right now - not just on vacation, either. He took another position and the guy they have coming in doesn't have a start date. (4 hour lunch, then leave early?)

I was just visiting in a co-worker's office, and he has some cool toys in there. (Not THOSE BOB-style toys, get your mind out of the gutter!) He has a collection of "It's Happy Bunny" stuff, including a little sign book that he keeps on his desk. I don't know if you've ever seen this stuff, but it's hilarious! Designed more for teenage girls, it's all about making fun of others, which of course I'm right there for. Most people have probably seen the shirts or other apparel but didn't realize it. It has this adorable little white bunny with a pink belly and nose. (I'd paste in a picture if I wasn't so completely worthless with this thing.)

My co-worker's desk faces the door, and he's got the sign book facing so that anyone walking through can see it. I picked the saying for the day today. I felt this was appropriate for my mood. It's "have a great day you worthless turd". Don't you wish you could tell more people in your life those sentiments?

On the website where you can get the merchandise, they have a t-shirt where you can put your own sayings. I think I'll be getting one for the tables... I'll find some appropriately dumb poker put-down for it. I think I'll keep the "worthless turd" part... it just appeals to me.

I actually played some poker last night. And I came out ahead! I can't believe it... I didn't drink that much last night, and that may or may not have been part of it. I did lose a buy-in or two here and there, but I had tables where I'd triple up. I went back to NLHE instead of Stud8. I love Stud (what woman wouldn't love a stud?) but I find that I feel the need for variety these days. Maybe it's just that after a dozen sessions of any game, I start feeling like it's all the same. I know I'm not meant to be a grinder, and it's also the reason why I like NL better than limit.

On the tables, I got talking to IlliniFan, and he mentioned their "Suck out on Leukemia" Tournament. It should be a fun tournament for a great cause! Most of us know that we're going to be spending the money on poker anyways, so come play for a good cause. I should be there, if I'm not too hung over from the night before.

I still had quite a time getting out of bed today. I think I just need a vacation. I'll be getting one soon.... Austin, here I come! I've made all my travel reservations for the SXSW music festival in March. I'll be seeing April and the rest of the crew then. They finally put the schedule up!

Ok, ok... people think I should be working or something now. Ugh. I guess if I want to keep this job, I probably should. Even without a boss, people still expect me to get stuff done. Have a great weekend all!


Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

See you there. It seems like a good cause: Taking Fishy Charitable Players Money in an MTT.. oh wait, thats not what this is for, sorry.

8:30 AM  
Blogger BigMike said...

Cheer up dear, at least you are young!

11:45 AM  
Anonymous cudd517 said...

Good playing with you on Full Tilt.Good luck with the cold and I look forward to playing with you again at the micro limits lol.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Joanne1111 said...

Fuck work. I think we should head to Vegas and double-fist some more champagne!

3:57 AM  
Blogger EvaCanHang said...

Joanne, we can leave now. The girls move to Vegas! I'll find somewhere to bartend and you can take the tourists' money in poker. :-) We'll get along just fine...

6:32 AM  
Anonymous ualibrarynerd said...

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12:35 PM  

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