Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm a slacker!

Yeah, I know it's been a week since I've posted... a busy week. Work likes to give me a swift kick in the ass every once in a while, and it's been one of those weeks. It's good though... it means I'll be on the compensation continuation plan here for a while. lol If you're reading this, it means that I've haven't been forsaken completely by the blog-reading community. Woo-hoo!

During the random shifts in my schedule, I was able to fit in a little poker here and there. I still haven't been that interested in NLHE lately. I try every once in a while, but usually it's while I'm waiting for a seat in Razz or Stud hi/lo. I've become addicted to Stud, and not the Bobby Bracelet kind.

The other night, I was two-tabling low limit (.25/.50) on Full Tilt. One table wasn't doing so well, even though I was playing tight. After losing almost 2/3 of my buy-in, I left that one. The other table was rockin'! I took my $15 up to $50... and that was playing tight. I seem to play along the lines of Felicia, nut-peddling whenever possible. I tried for the scoop instead of just high or low in almost every case. I didn't always make it, but I think the starting hand selection kept me from losing money on hands I shouldn't have been involved with in the first place.

Last night wasn't as good on the $$-winning side. I was waiting for the Stud8 game to get going... When I checked the table, it was up to 4 players. The really cool thing about that was the amount of money one person sat down with. At this limit, most people buy in for $10-15, sometimes as much as $50. This person, in his infinite wisdom, thought that buying in for $10K might be intimidating. What happened? I told Al. The inevitable happened. The table became inhabited by bloggers, looking to help relieve him of that money. :-) I love you guys, but... it's not as easy to take money from people who know what they're doing! I was sitting with Al, Maigrey, Penner and on_thg. (Sorry guys, need to find links for ya. I'm SOOOO far behind!)

The $10K guy didn't last long. He stayed around for a bit, but he realized he wasn't going to get anywhere with us. He lost the $10 profit he'd made and a little more before he decided to go.

Maigrey and I kept getting into it. It seems that the girls are the aggressive ones... and I don't hold a candle to Maigrey when she's on her way. I stayed around for a little bit more, but the week was catching up to me and I needed to get home and get some sleep. (Yes, I was geeking it at the bar again.) I finished about $1.50 up, and it was fun to play with the other bloggers. I just don't want to have to fight them for the fishie money all the time. :-)

This weekend, we're supposed to have snow storms. I'm hoping it won't affect my night out on Saturday with Danielle (I'm oncall for work, so it means I won't be completely obliterated), since I'm looking forward to seeing a friend's band play.

My work obligations mean that I won't (shouldn't) be too hung over to play some tournaments on Sunday. Maybe I'll see some people I know playing in the tourneys. I'll be looking for ya!


Blogger on_thg said...

That Stud table sure got a *lot* easier once all the bloggers left ...

3:01 PM  
Blogger BigMike said...

I am jealous. Berwick for me unless snowed in.

8:12 PM  
Blogger Drizztdj said...

Someone bought in for $10K? Sigh, my little $1K buy-ins are chump change.

1:19 PM  

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