Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm not great at tourneys. (I suck at poker in general, but tourneys are especially bad.) I have just enough luck to keep me in for a while, then I do something stupid to mess it up. I am trying to get better... so every Sunday, I try to play in at least one if not two tournaments. This past weekend was no exception.

I jumped into one of the $10 tourneys on FTP. I was out within the first half hour. I don't remember how or why, but I got beat. I wasn't happy about it, and at the time I think I thought I made a bad play. Man, I really need to get a better memory or start writing these things down.

I started looking at the tourney list. They had a freeroll coming up at 14:45 - one of the satellites into the Jersey Days Tournament. I was somehow able to get into it, since those things usually fill up within 30 seconds of opening. The remaining seats filled rapidly and we had 1000 people.

Tourney started how most freerolls start - several people going all-in on the first hands. The second hand, I folded 89s. We saw a flop... the remaining three 9s were sitting on the board. I could've easily doubled or tripled up with that hand and put myself in a great position.

I had a slow start, but I was able to build up my stack along the way. [Insert lots of boring folding and a few good hands, a double up in there somewhere, normal tourney stuff.] When we were down to 50 people or so, I made it into the top 10 chip stacks and stayed above 20th the rest of the time. Just before the final table, I'd called a short-stack's all-in with 2 pair but got trounced by a set. So, when we were seated for the final table, I was low. Not the lowest, but pretty darn close.

I ended up making it to 6th place when my decent-size pre-flop raise with AKo was reluctantly called - and my all-in on a 662 flop called - by a guy with pocket 2s. I sensed hesitancy in his pre-flop call, and when he checked post-flop I thought I could take it down. Oops. I ran into one of the few hands that wasn't going to lay it down for anything. I'd been getting respect before... I was hoping that I would this time.

There were probably about half a dozen bloggers cheering me on by this point... thanks guys and gals! Of course, only the top 3 would have a spot in the big tourney for the jerseys. I was really hoping to get one, too.

My whole point of the story (and I could make any short story long) is that if I pay more than a couple of bucks for a tourney, I can't make it past the first hour. If it's free or close to it, I get much farther. Maybe it's just that the good players don't bother with them, but I'll take the practice. One of these days, I'll be able to start making the money on bigger tourneys. One of these years, I'll be trying the WSOP tourneys... hopefully before my 40th birthday! lol


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