Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Friday!

I've been saying that to people today... Yes, I do know it's Tuesday. But it's my last day of work before I head to Austin tomorrow. Last day of work = Friday. Most of the people around work know what I'm talking about... I think it's just a quirk of this company. Most of us have worked together for so long (I've been here almost 10 years), we have our own little sub-culture. We're all insane.

I have packing to do tonight. I might take a quick shopping trip with Danielle. I'm making a list of all the stupid little things I usually forget so I can hopefully remember everything I absolutely need. I need to find my extra liver. I can't go on a 5 day bender without my extra liver. I promised April drinks. Hopefully, it's random guys at bars buying them, not me. I want a cowboy hat. Another thing I'm hoping to acquire, not buy. That one's going to be a little harder. A person must have optimism though.

I think I need to make a list of goals for the trip....
1. Free booze
2. Hat
3. Hang out with cool people (and bloggers are the coolest!)
4. Win at poker (? not likely, but it's optimism)
5. See lots of good music
6. Refrigerator magnet (yeah, I'm a geek)

I'm sure there's more that I need to add, but my brain isn't working. Rough night last night. I didn't sleep well... and due to his proximity, I'm betting neither did Al. He said I hit him several times and yelled at him for the attic. Who knows what was going through my brain at that point. I know I was having funky dreams...

I think it's due to the fact Al won't let me have a puppy. Everyone else has one... I think I should get one too. My parents just got a puppy this weekend. I'm jealous. She's a jug... cross between a jack russell terrier and a pug. She's absolutely beautiful. And when she's full-grown she'll probably be less than 15 pounds. Perfect size dog for small yards. How could anyone not love this face?

Then again, it would curb the travel. She'd be small enough to put in a carry-on though. :-)

I refuse to do work today. As it is, I should be in a meeting but I made my office-mate go instead. He can handle it. I'm in vacation mode. Clean up the little stuff, no new projects. Lots of mindless solitaire games. A little blogging to clean out the brain.

Enough blogging. Brain hurts. Need to play more solitaire. Maybe some Slingo. Nothing that requires thought. Happy Friday!


Blogger April said...

That dog is adorable!!!!!

Yes, puppies limit your travel some - you just need a friend who has a dog too and lets you drop yours off when you leave town!

See ya tomorrow!!

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Rider said...

Hello, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you..

6:28 AM  
Blogger Blonde said...

I know someone that has a 1 year old full bred pug with papers that needs a home. They are moving to Europe and don't want to put the dog through the travel/move stress and then quarantine.

I will gladly make sure you get him if you want him :). Your parents dog is adorable! How could Al so no to that cute little thing?

7:38 PM  

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