Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wanna Make Out? 'Cuz I'm Drunk....

[Warning - I'm keeping all stories short. It's hard to type with the DTs this early in the morning. I need a beer. lol]

Let's play "guess which drunk blogger said this" - check out the title. hehehe It was just us girls and reader Mike last night, sitting at a cool Irish bar. We'd wanted to catch the Gourds (which we did), but it was a rough trip getting there.

I had a little issue on my flight getting out there. When I booked the second part of the trip, a puddle-jumper from Dallas to Austin, it seems that I goofed. I landed at DFW, and the next flight was from DAL - across town. Luckily I'd built in 2 hours between flights, so a $40 cab ride got me there in time.

After I arrived and met up with April, we had a few beers while waiting for Maigrey to get in. We grabbed her, got ready, and called a cab. We knew there was going to be a little wait. After waiting for over an hour and a half and having them tell us that they didn't know when someone would be coming, we started calling. Luckily, there was a cab from another company one street over. Score!

Interesting cab ride. Cabbie had LOTS of opinions. Overthrow the government. etc, and so on. He was nice though and got us there quick. 100% tip for prompt service.

We found Mike when we got in there. Luckily he'd gotten a table out on the deck - Austin is another one of those places where you can't smoke indoors. Ugh. We then proceeded to get polluted. We were able to listen to the Gourds play, and Maigrey and I actually got decently close to the stage. We listened to a few songs from there before we headed back to the table for more booze.

No shots, but the birthday girl didn't need 'em. A rum & coke and 2 Strongbows later, she had all she needed. We had a running commentary on the crowd. We saw Old Lady Legs, cute cowboy butts, and everything in between. There were dial-a-shots flying everywhere, except that very few people answered the phone. Anyone who did answer was sure to be in for a treat. Anyone who didn't got VMs. Listen at your own risk.

Mike was kind enough to give us a ride to the other section of town - after he presented me with an awesome cowboy hat! He showed me how to properly bend the brim, so I didn't make a fashion faux pas with the new chapeau. (and I didn't even take French in high school)

We tried to get in for one show, but the line was out the door down the block to the corner, then it turned the corner and went down that block. There was no way in hell we were making it in. This was when Maigrey decided to grab the guy for pictures. Check out either Maigrey's or April's blog. They've already posted it. Damn tattle-tales. Posting on me. :-)

We wandered to another bar, stopping on the way so that Maigrey could get some body piercing jewelry fixed (you guess where the piercing is). While there, I found a tattoo I want. :-) I made sure to call Al and tell him what I was looking at. I could hear the resignation in his voice when I told him where I was. Nothing last night, but I can't promise it will stay that way for the rest of the trip.

The next bar we tried to get into was packed too. At that point, we decided not to ruin ourselves and caught a cab back to April's place. I'll let the other ladies write it up, but all I'm going to say is that deaf mute lesbians are funny.

We caught breakfast and they dropped me off at my hotel. On the off chance that I might get lucky, I booted the laptop and found some unsuspecting, unprotected wireless router. (I refuse to get my internet fix sitting at the generic PC sitting in the hotel lobby. I prefer to sit half-naked in my room and do this.)

So, that's day 1. I know there's lots I've left out, but I just can't type anymore. I need some orange juice and maybe a little vodka in it to take the edge off. Stay tuned for more stories of debauchery. At least those that can be released to the public.


Blogger Pokerwolf said...

(I refuse to get my internet fix sitting at the generic PC sitting in the hotel lobby. I prefer to sit half-naked in my room and do this.)

You are an evil, evil woman.

How the hell am I supposed to concentrate on work with THAT image in my head?!?!?

Damn you!

*shakes fist in mock fury*

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Glad you like the hat. I'm stealing that line (I don't have to guess who said it.) Sorry you couldn't get into Stubb's, but that's SXSW. See you at the tourney.

11:02 AM  
Blogger EvaCanHang said...

I am an evil woman... and y'all love me for it. hehehe

Being evil makes my life interesting.

9:02 AM  

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