Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter (almost)!

It's getting late on a Friday before a holiday weekend. The hallways echo when there happens to be someone walking down them, which doesn't happen more than once or twice an hour. I'm the only one left from my group - only two of us showed up today. It's nice... lol

I decided to take this time to say hi to everyone out there and wish them Happy Easter/Passover/whatever holiday you celebrate. I'm a Catholic/Easter kinda girl, so I'll be anxiously awaiting the bunny with the chocolate. Yeah that, and the resurrection too. :-) Can't lose sight of what's important.

Driving up to my parents' house in NY tomorrow. 5.5 hour drive. I used to make a trip like that once a month, but that was many, many years ago - when I first moved into the area. I've settled in quite well over the last several years and I haven't been up there in about a year. I know I'm not missing much.... the area is economically depressed and there's nothing besides some pretty cool scenery to recommend it. Of course, how much scenery can you stare at?

I'll try to catch up with a few old friends while I'm there and probably head up to the Indian reservation casino while I'm there. I know some of you have been to the Turning Stone. It's only about 20 minutes away from my parents' house, and the only entertainment in the area. I played my first live game there - 2/4 limit - and doubled up in about an hour. Maybe it's time for an encore performance. :-)

Speaking of poker... I actually played some poker this week. My bankroll is shot to hell right now. I've been playing baby limit tables to try to make up a little more. And freerolls. I made the mistake of a mid-week PokerStars freeroll in the 9 o'clock hour. Almost 10K people. Up until almost 3 am. Busted out high 40-something. All that time, and didn't get anything. Good practice though.

Here's a question for you statistical-type people. What are the odds of getting pocket 4's three hands in row? With the 4 of hearts in all 3 hands. And the 4 of diamonds in the first and third (the middle hand had to mess it up with the 4 of spades). And not hitting another 4 on the flop, turn or river in all 3 hands? :-)

I'd had a couple of close calls in that tourney, too. I was getting close to being short-stacked and hadn't seen anything good for a long while. I get KJs and push all-in. Get called by the big stack. Pocket As. I got a K on the flop, but I still had to hope for a miracle. I remembered Pauly's move at last year's WSOP and called for a J on the river. I was even pointing to the spot on my screen. In much the same way as Pauly sucked out on Shannon Elizabeth, I caught my J on the river to put me back in a safer place.

We'll see if I have anything to post this weekend. Plus, the area where I'll be in NY is lousy for wireless or high-speed internet of any kind. I'll probably have to use a dial-up (*GASP*) connection if I want to check my mail, etc. I'm going back to the stone ages again.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Take care traveling. There will be people like me driving the roads. :-)


Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Nice suckout!!!

8:50 AM  
Blogger EvaCanHang said...

I learned it from watching you man... I learned it from watching you.


8:15 PM  

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