Saturday, November 18, 2006

Now that things are settling in...

Hopefully I'll be back to my normal lackadaisical, blogging self soon. :)

My change in job is turning out to be a very good thing. My manager Bob is a great guy, and he'll be transitioning over everything in the lab to me - including all networking, infrastructure, and hardware. The experience alone will make me worth a ton more money in the job market. I still have a few things that I'm going to need to work on (like getting my boss to work out a deal with me so I'll have a little more time off), but the opportunities at this place are phenomenal. I just finished 3 weeks. I really like the guys I work with, and they've accepted me as part of their team. My comeback skills are sharpening by the day... the abuse that I give and receive has me smiling at work like I haven't been able to for a long time. They've even invited me to be part of their home game every month. You know you're accepted when...

I've also been able to fit in a little more online poker. I'm usually a Full Tilt player. I have been since the beginning. I've built up my bankroll, but it's been slow. It seems that every time I make a substantial gain, I lose the bulk of it over the next few sessions. Anyone that's ever played with me knows that I'm a tight player. (Unless I've been drinking, then all bets are off.) The variance on those tables has always frustrated me though. Maybe it's just the levels I play.

On the advice of a friend, I decided to pull some of my bankroll out of FTP and play on Bodog for a little bit. Just give it a shot. Today was my first day. So far, I'm really liking it! The GUI took some time for me to get used to, and they're missing a few of the features I like (you can't search for your friends). It's only been minor stuff so far. The players are just as loose - they love to call when you have the best hand. I was called all the way to the river when I raised with pocket Ks and caught a set on a K-high flop. The major difference seems to be the cards. Yes, there's still suckouts when someone calls with something they shouldn't and chases to the river. It just doesn't seem to have as many suck/resuck hands. To me, the action seems to be more like live poker. I'm playing a higher limit than I ever have on Full Tilt, and I'm doing well.

I'm sure my suckouts will come, but until that day, I'm going to enjoy the calling stations and what they add to my bankroll.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

HELLO.... Hello.... hello....


So, I've started at least half a dozen posts over the last 5+ weeks. I never finished any of them. Even this one was started a couple of days ago. I'm just getting around to finishing it up and posting it now.

I'm still alive. Busy, but alive. A few people have had contact with me since the Bash. I think that more than a few people thought I might keel over that weekend... especially those who caught my cold. Sorry guys and gals. I never thought that the beer pong cups wouldn't be changed after each round. I guess the alcohol can't kill all those germs.

Quick update on things.

1 - I have a new job

Started Monday. Smaller company - about 500 people instead of hundreds of thousands. I'm now working with Solaris and linux instead of HP-UX and AIX. It's Unix, which makes it easier. It's UFS/Solaris 8, which makes it harder. I won't geek out on anyone, but if you have experience with Solaris, you know what I mean about their volume management. Best thing - NO MORE ONCALL! (like the night of the Bash...) I always said that I love challenges...

2 - I'm in more leagues

It used to be just pool on Monday nights. Add shuffleboard on Sundays and another pool league on Tuesdays, and this girl gets busy at the beginning of the week. I like the people on my shuffleboard team, even if one of them is a little overbearing. My Tuesday night partner for pool needs some serious mental help, but he's a good guy. I've been warned not to ask him about the time he was abducted by aliens, raped by Bigfoot (who's female... who would've thunk it?) or his job at NASA. Yeah, he's a little cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Same pool team on Mondays as last session. I still need lots of practice.

3 - Dealing with family stuff

My sister's having problems with her boyfriend. I'm just playing the role of the supportive big sister. I will always support her in whatever decisions she makes. I want to see her happy though. I wish I could do more, but she has to make her own choices.

4 - Poker, poker and more poker

My addiction comes and goes. Some days, I don't even want to look at it. Lately, I've been stuck on it non-stop. I was doing well for the most part. Some days up, some days down... but staying about the same. I made the mistake of coming home late after a few beers and trying to play a higher level with a friend. Ugh. Big hit on the bankroll. Not unrecoverable, but it hurts to see it go like that. Even though you know you shouldn't be playing as you click on the RAISE button...

5 - Puppies!

It looks like I might be getting a dog. I haven't decided 100% yet. My Mom's dog is pregnant... or at least we think she is. Mom's got a Jug (half Pug, half Jack Russell terrier). Her dog is adorable, but she's high-strung and has the separation anxiety that is a trait of the Jack Russell breed. My brother has a little black male miniature poodle. The two of them loved to play together as puppies. It seems that they somehow figured out new games to play along the way. I'd love a dog, but I don't know if they'll have the separation anxiety problem. I'd have a rough time dealing with that. Plus, I'm sure my cat Mephistopheles would love to have a little bouncing ball of fur chasing him around all the time.

6 - Pregnant friend

My friend Danielle is pregnant. Due in January. I'm so excited! She found out that she's having a boy. I've already bought her a whole bunch of stuff. I'm gonna be a good aunt. LOL I'm trying to be there for her, too. Pregnant women are so hormonal though. Wow... I'm bad enough as it is. Maybe I shouldn't breed. I'd hate to end up in jail for killing someone who said the wrong thing to me.

Ok... this is all I have time for. I have another 2 linux servers that I have to build now, and I have to find install instructions from somewhere. Although I'd love to fudge it, I have to install it from the customer instructions so that the testing gives an accurate picture of what we can expect when we roll the software out.

I'm not ready to give up on this blog yet. It's severely neglected, but I'm going to make a serious effort to post more often. Don't write me off yet... if you haven't already. :)