Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Here come the holidays!

Only two more weeks of work, then I'm off until after the new year. I really need a vacation!

I've always loved Christmas... the way people seem to become more polite, smile more, and tend to be nicer to their fellow man. Time to spoil friends and loved ones with those gifts that they always think about but never seem to get around to getting for themselves. I've found some great stuff for my parents, my one sister, and a few of the nieces and nephews. I still have more shopping to do, but I have ideas about the right gifts.

It also means that Brian and I get to shop for one another. I had a few ideas for him in mind - new Nike ACG hiking boots (his Timberland ones lasted a year, but he wants to go back to Nike), new video games, and a few ideas I'm going to save in case I need to get a gift later. He had his own ideas for things for me. Instead, we decided to get a new TV. It's not something that we HAVE to have, but it falls under one of those gifts that you wouldn't normally get yourself. We're getting it for each other, so it follows the rules. :)

We've been looking at a 52" TV - either a Sony XBR-9 or one of the Samsung 240 Hz TVs. It's hard to decide which one to get. The Samsung ones have been touted as the best mid-range TVs, but their prices aren't too far off of some of the new Sony models. Anyone have some opinions to share on these?

My Bodog poker account is the reason we can get a new TV. Over the last year and a half, I've taken $20 to $1K. It's a slow process - win some nights, lose others. I'm proud of what I've done, and it will pay for about half of the TV. I'm not going to wipe out my account complately for this. :)

I still have a few bucks on Full Tilt too. Which low-limit games are the softest? Where can I get the best ROI for my money?

Maybe I can win some $5 twenty thousand player tourney and win the other half of the money.
One can always dream!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's time for poker!

Tomorrow, starting at 4 PM EST and running for the next 48 hours, is Full Tilt's Sit-n-Go Madness! If I happen to feel a little sick tomorrow afternoon (*cough* *cough*), I'll be starting right at 4!