Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's been so long...

since I've written on a regular basis. Feels like coming home, but now it's to a different house. Time has changed many things in my life. For better, for worse... just one of the changes in my life. I'm no longer married to Everybody's Wingman. Probably the biggest change in my life. We're still friends, or at least as far as I know. We lost touch with each other somewhere in the middle. We both decided that we wanted different things out of life. I wish him the best... and I still worry about him. I think he'll find what he's looking for one of these days. I hope it's soon.

Work is busy. I seem to have lost touch with my inner party girl. I've spent more time working on the latest software release than being out at the bar. The winter always finds me hiding out, and this year seems worse than usual. I can't wait for spring to arrive! I have so many things planned! Most involve the dog and the outdoors. I have several friends who love to go fishing, and I have the 4-wheel drive vehicle to go in. I've even had to promise to take my little brother fishing this summer. He's dying to go.

I've found more than just great friends while fishing. I found a really great friend who has turned into more. While I was trying to figure out what was going to happen with my life, he was going through a problem situation with his fiancee. We started out as confidantes who could understand what each other was going through. Now, we're pretty much inseparable. He loves to play poker (sometimes a little too much!), has a warped sense of humor (in a good way!), and is an all-around great guy. Maybe its because of what I just got out of, but I like the fact that he rarely drinks and usually dislikes being in bars. He does like hanging out with my random friends in the dive bars I prefer though.

Now, I'm focusing on the positives in my life and building on those. Did I lose the weight last year? No. I focused on quitting smoking instead. I needed that more. I quit August 23, 2008. My lungs feel so much better! My weight is the next goal. I started working on that again this month. Only a couple of pounds, but it's a start. Nothing happens overnight.

I'm also going to spend some spare time working on repairs and upgrades to the house. Mostly little things like fixing the window sill the dog chewed, but I would love to have hardwood floors put in on the first floor. I have friends who can do the work, so with a little bartering for food and booze, I might get away semi-cheaply.

I'd love to say that I could just pay for it all with poker winnings. I'm not in that position yet. I did turn $20 into $600 on Bodog, but it took me a while. Even now, I still have setbacks. I take it one day at a time. That's my LCD TV fund. I still have about another $1200 to go.

I have a lot of positives in my life. I plan on making the most of those. I'm still young. I'm smart. I'm funny. And I can probably still drink some of the other poker bloggers under the table. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to see some of you guys soon to try it!

I love you guys! :)